Reporting on the opioid use disorder (OUD) population in medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Vermont Blueprint for Health, with the support of Onpoint Health Data, recently released the organization’s “first in the nation” type of reporting on the opioid use disorder (OUD) population in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) under its “Hub & Spoke” model. This expands on the Blueprint’s suite of profile reporting at the community and primary care practice settings with publicly available, outcomes-based analyses at the “hub” and “spoke” levels – in which the “hub” consists of regional specialty OUD treatment centers and the “spoke” of teams of healthcare professionals – in addition to a program-wide view, which together effectively allow regional specialty OUD treatment centers, teams of healthcare professionals, and program leaders alike to compare the model’s individual settings to its peers across a broad range of performance metrics – all in an effort to help the state combat the rising opioid epidemic.  

The profiles were released to the public over the weekend and Onpoint and the Blueprint are each doing their part to spread the word of this important work. We invite your teams – the APCD Council and NAHDO – to view the “hub,” “spoke” and statewide MAT profiles and to learn more about the methods and measures used in generating the reporting, each of which carefully link the state of Vermont’s APCD, clinical registry, and other critical data sets. Please visit the Blueprint’s site here for a directory: