Data Quality Forum


•Share effective practices to improve data quality in statewide health care data systems

•Broad scope---health care data sets (hospital and claims-based data (APCD, Medicaid)

•Provide opportunities for state reps to respond to their local challenges and share solutions that have worked (or may work) to resolve these

•Format: conference calls, webinar, NAHDO in-person meetings

NAHDO's data quality forum is open to members of NAHDO. To join the forum email your contact information to letting us know to add you to the group. 


Data Quality Forum Priorities

In 2018 NAHDO's data quality forum identified their data quality priorities through an online survey. View the summary here.


Data Quality Benchmarking Pilot Project

In 2019 NAHDOs data quality forum identified a set of data validation metrics for Inpatient and APCDs that all states could calculate and report available for download below. 

Download the summary of the metrics reported to NAHDO in August 2019 below.

The data quality forum is recruiting additional states agencies to submit data quality metrics in order to increase the reliability of the benchmarks. If you are interested please email