Oklahoma Dept of Health - 3 Positions


Data Modernization Director

This position will serve as the OSDH Data Modernization Director.  They will be responsible for ensuring the OSDH takes an agile, enterprise-wide approach in assessment, planning, and incremental implementation of modernization activities.  They provide vision and will lead the OSDH in developing a strategy for global data management, modernization, and governance.  They will champion the continued development of the Agency’s public health informatics functions (including but not limited to integrations with the Oklahoma State designated Health Information Exchange (HIE) entity and federal agencies) as well as coordinate data modernization efforts to ensure timely, complete, and interoperable data are readily available for public health action. The OSDH Data Modernization Director is responsible for program development and operations and the supervision of identified staff members.

Geospatial Health Data Analyst -  

The Geospatial Health Data Analyst will primarily be responsible for conducting spatial analyses such as: disease mapping, geographic correlation studies and disease clustering/surveillance. This position would interpret, evaluate and design public health spatial research projects in collaboration with internal and external partners meeting geospatial data needs. The Geospatial Data Analyst will also conduct small-area studies using data sources (BRFSS, Cancer Registry, Vital Statistics, and Hospital Discharge) within Center for Health Statistics, providing stakeholders data visualization on Oklahoma high-need areas. He/she will demonstrate a high proficiency with ArcGIS suite acting as Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) subject matter expert. The position will also be responsible for the development and maintenance of the OSDH geodatabases

Assistant Director, Center for Health Statistics  - 

This position will serve as the Center for Health Statistics Assistant Director. They will ensure high quality, timely, actionable information is disseminated to internal and external stakeholders (OSDH Leadership, OSDH Service Areas, Universities, research institutions, health care facilities, policy makers, general public…) so that health care service utilization and cost, as well as the overall health status of Oklahomans can be monitored and data driven decisions can be made. This position manages the development and reporting of core public health statistics/indicators that are used throughout the agency and by a wide range of stakeholders (local, state, and federal).  They provide technical expertise and oversight to the analytic/technical staff within the Center for Health Statistics.