Opportunity to Comment on the 837 Reporting Guide

FROM: Kevin C Heslin, AHRQ

We are announcing the opportunity for states to comment on the X12N 837 Reporting Guide for Public Health (837R).  The 837R public comment period began February 1 and will close on June 1.   The X12N Claims and Encounters 837R Workgroup have been reviewing proposed changes to the 7010 Version of the 837R.   During this review, they requested information from states on whether they wanted any changes to the items listed below.  Other changes could also be requested through the Public Comment tool.  

For each area, I’ve listed some questions that you may want to consider commenting on if relevant for your state.

·         Dependent Identifier--Do states need a “Dependent Identifier”?  This could be useful as an element for determining readmission or other outcome measurement activities. 

·         Service Location—is an element that defines by address where the health care service was performed. Do states need a service location in the Reporting Guide?  This is more relevant for physician services.

·         Subscriber Entity—The Subscriber Entity (used mainly for Worker’s Compensation) is in the Inpatient Data—is it also necessary in the Reporting Guide?

·         SSN Qualifier—Do states need a SSN Qualifier Label so they can differentiate that number from other identifiers (e.g., Tax ID Qualifier) that are collected in the same cell?

·         Tax ID Qualifier—Do states need a Tax ID Qualifier Label?

To comment you will need to download the PDF and use the X12N Public Comment Tool found on their website at http://forums.x12.org/ under February 1-June 1, 2017 – Cycle 4, choose the option 007030X326 | Health Care Service: Data Reporting.  New users will need to create an account to download the document.  There is no charge to do this during the comment period. 

If there are other variables that you think would assist you in reporting your data and analyses this is the time to also make comments on those.  Comments are usually quite short (given the worksheet format), but long enough to make clear what you want changed and why.  If someone else has made your comment you do not need to comment again. The workgroup does respond to each comment.  If your issue requires a major overhaul in the Guide or the 837, it would likely be scheduled for inclusion in a later version. It would however, be automatically included for review at that time.


If you need additional assistance, please contact Barbara.Rudolph@chsra.wisc.edu or call her at 608-469-6940.