Operations Analyst and SharePoint Administrator (MN Dept Human Svcs)

Date Posted: 12/29/2016

Closing Date: 01/18/2017

Salary Range: $21.98 - $32.24 /hourly; $45,894 - $67,317 /annually

Working Title: Operations Analyst and SharePoint Administrator
Job Class: Management Analyst 3

This position is responsible for performing a variety of business related functions associated with the Child Support Division so that different program components of the division support the mission and objectives of the division and that the public receives the highest quality child support services. These responsibilities are an integral part of a cooperative and coordinated team effort within the Child Support Division Operations unit.   This position performs highly complex program duties in statewide planning, implementation and assessment of performance. This position will have responsibility to function across program lines and encompass all aspects of the child support program in the development of child support program procedures and processes. Responsibilities include:

Assessing resources, measuring performance and results, reporting, evaluating, and communicating within the division and to internal and external audiences.

The preparation of annual, quarterly, and biennial federal and state reports that are mandated for program performance monitoring and compliance.

Providing technical and/or analytical expertise to management so that program planning, operations, and decision making will be carried out with maximum effectiveness.

Administering the overall management of the Child Support Division’s SharePoint site and will be a resource to staff who need to publish/post information, set up team sites, modify content, and manage site permissions.


Minimum Qualifications:

The incumbent must have at least 2 years of related professional experience demonstrating:

Experience providing technical and/or analytical expertise to management so that program planning, operations, and decision making will be carried out with maximum effectiveness.

Advanced spreadsheet experience sufficient to perform financial and data reporting

SharePoint skills: proficient at site management and administration.

The ability to design and produce management and performance reports to support the management and administration needs


Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge of the federal child support program and/other federal programs or the ability to learn the programmatic area of child support if they do not already possess this knowledge.

A thorough understanding of child support delivery and functioning systems in Minnesota and the relationship of county, state, and federal agencies in the delivery of child support services is desired.

Understanding of state and local service delivery systems.

An understanding of statistical processes and techniques.

Knowledge of governmental reporting requirements.

Ability to analyze operational business processes to help meet organizational mission and vision.


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