Virginia Health Information Publishes 2019 Industry Report: Comparing the Performance of Virginia's Healthcare Providers

Richmond, Va. - Virginia Health Information (VHI) has published its 2019 Industry Report detailing the efficiency and productivity of hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and nursing homes licensed in Virginia. Included in the Industry Report is data on charity care, staffing levels, profit margins and more than a dozen other utilization and efficiency indicators across five performance categories: charges, costs, productivity and utilization, financial viability and community support. Published every year, the report gives consumers and purchasers access to information about the efficiency, costs and performance of facilities' services. Michael Lundberg, VHI's Executive Director notes that "the Industry Report includes information on how often hospitals treat 39 different medical and surgical Service Lines" - included are orthopedic, obstetric, transplant, psychiatric, cancer care, open heart surgery and over 30 other categories detailing each hospital's entire book of business. 

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