Call for Abstracts (2022)

Call for Abstracts - "Putting Healthcare Data to Work"

NAHDO's Program Planning Committee is now accepting abstract submissions for our 37th Annual Conference. If you would like to present your work or ideas during one of our virtual sessions (October 24-28, 2022), please submit your abstract proposal using this form or your panel proposal using this form.

Here are some specific session topics that are of interest to the planning committee:

  • (1) Health Equity 
    • Collecting and Using Demographic Data 
      • Social determinants of health
      • Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity
      • Validating demographic data over time
      • Geographic and location data
    • Research results using demographic data
    • Research on d​​​​​​ifferential impacts on communities of interest
  • (2) Data Linkage 
    • Supplementing existing datasets with new sources to derive useful information
    • Operational issues
    • Technical challenges and rewards
    • Standardization
  • (3) Data Governance - Protecting Patient Privacy 
    • Ensuring data security
    • External data use - approval and monitoring
    • Technical issues 
      • 42 CFR Part 2
      • Vendor interactions
  • (4) Efforts to Ease the Sharing of Data
    • How to get there - 
      • Infrastructure & FHIR 
      • Coordinating HIE and APCD data efforts
    • Federal Rules 
      • How are ONC & CMS interoperability rules affecting our environment?
      • Price transparency rules
      • Digital quality measures
    • Why this matters to improved health
  • (5) National and State Trends and Priorities
    • Opioids 
    • Behavioral Health 
    • Other topics of interest to policy makers
  • (6) The Impacts of COVID-19 on data and data usage
    • Impact on Data Trends and Analysis
      • Medicaid enrollment
      • Telehealth
      • Childhood vaccines
      • Transitory vs. permanent impacts on analysis
      • Substance abuse and mental health
    • Understanding the true nature and impact of COVID on populations
      • Prevention
      • Testing & Diagnosis
      • Treatment
      • Future State of Affairs
  • (7) Using data to catalyze change
    • Understanding the data and avoiding traps and errors
    • Engaging stakeholders 
    • Working toward identifying value
    • Impacting the business community - employer-focused analytics
  • (8) Wild Card - Great ideas that don't fit neatly into one of these categories

Priority Deadline: May 23, 2022
For full consideration, abstract submissions must be received by May 31, 2022 (Extended).