Membership Benefits

Why Join NAHDO?

When you join NAHDO, your organization becomes a member of the only national association dedicated to improving the collection and use of health care data for market, policy, and research uses.  As a member of NAHDO, your organization has access to a national network of health care data experts and leaders in the collection and use of health care data.

Other member benefits and services include: 

  • Direct technical assistance for health care data collection, analysis, use
  • Advocacy for health data policies to legislative bodies and other entities
  • Leadership opportunities through NAHDO committees, Board of Directors positions, and task forces
  • Opportunities to assist in the development and presentation of national testimony
  • Membership educational webinars (as an attendee or presenter)
  • Access to members only website with job postings, state data agency profiles, member forums
  • Discounts on attending NAHDO Conferences
  • Support of APCD Council learning network activities
  • Organizational and profession visibility
  • Opportunities to lead and participate in Special Interest Groups staffed by NAHDO
  • Inside intelligence on national and local health data policies and practices
  • Participation in shaping state responses to federal policies affecting state/private data systems
  • Dissemination of innovative models of health care data reporting practices across the country
  • Direct input to national data standards through the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC), National Uniform Claims Committee (NUCC) and ASCX12N
  • Opportunities to represent NAHDO in national expert panels, task forces, and in testimony

Over the years, NAHDO has provided direct technical assistance to states implementing new reporting initiatives, such as statewide inpatient, ambulatory surgery, and Emergency Department data systems and more recently, all payer claims data reporting systems.

Services and Member Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

Technical Assistance:

NAHDO works with and across states to provide an evidence-based roadmap to successful data systems implementation, beginning with governance decisions, and including technical design/build options, analytic reporting foundations, and development of sustainable release policies.   

Professional Connectivity:

When you join NAHDO, you become part of a national network of health care data experts.  NAHDO provides leadership opportunities for health data professionals, a voice in national policies, standards development, and a forum for presenting best practices in all aspects of health care data collection, analysis, and use. 

Professional/Workforce Development:

NAHDO convenes national webinars on emerging topics for its members to help them stay abreast of the latest developments in health care data practices, policies, and applications.  NAHDO webinars feature national experts and are an important tool in these times of restricted travel for conferences.  For more than 30 years, NAHDO Annual Conferences have brought together federal, state, and private sector leaders and featured late-breaking developments in health care data collection and use.  NAHDO’s MEMBERS ONLY website provides job postings, state data agency profiles, member forums, technical papers and more.